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This Page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about POWERQUIP. If you have any questions about POWERQUIP's Products that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us.

  What is comparative Bruce pile hammers are recommended compared conventional diesel hammer?
Bruce pile hammers are designed for significantly environmental concern such as no smoke, less noise, easy operation, easy energy adjustable, easy start and others compared conventional diesel hammer type as attached described. More details Click !! “Bruce Pile Hammer Comparison to Diesel Hammer”
File : Bruec Pile Hammer Comparison to Diesel Hammer.pdf (101Kbytes)
  To select Bruce pile hammer model, which parameters or specs are required?
Please refer “Questionnaires for Bruce Impact Pile Hammer Selection” as attached file and fill the blank and send us it so that Bruce team will review it in detail and will recommend most economical and suitable model. Download it above file for more details. Attachment “Questionnaires for Bruce Impact Pile Hammer Selection”
File : Questionary_Bruce Pile Hammer Selection.pdf (92Kbytes)
  Which model range is available for Bruce pile hammers?
Bruce pile hammers are available and supplying wide model range from energy 2.4 ton.m (24 kNm, 17,359 lbs.ft) to 120 ton.m (1,198 kNm, 867,958 lbs.ft) and can be supplied models upon demand.
  Which type and kind of crane suspended leaders are available for Bruce impact pile hammers?
Offshore leader and crane suspended leaders are available. Others type and dimension are upon request. Download it above file for more details.
File : Pile hammer suspended leader - Bruce Impact Pile Hammer.pdf (998Kbytes)