BRUCE SGH-0312 working at foundation construction


The BRUCE provides the most ideal, innovative concept and cost-effective Base Mounted Type of Hammer over the world that can be replacing the Piling Rig with a vast amount of money.

This customer friendly Base Mounted Hammer was manufactured started from a piece of advice from the excavator operators at job sites to get the BRUCE Hammer mounted to customized Excavators to be more practical and economical according to its size and model of their owned.

Until recently, there are more and more customer¡¯s request to supply the BRUCE¡¯s  unique Pile Base Mounted Type of Hammer that will fulfill the needs for those people who are reluctant to purchase a high priced piling rig.
If you apply all of the BRUCE concepts here, your work will enjoy the powerful competitive advantage that making a great profit at working site.

The first priority for BRUCE to focus on this equipment is the safety pile operation, hence, it can be transported without special arrangement in one piece when it move and work at sites with the development of their small transport dimensions led to having it without removing the hammer during its transportation. The low center of gravity, and an Extension Base at the back of Excavator as a counterweight ensure excellent equipment stability and this allows greater leader stability to let the Hammer picking the piles and driving the piles to be more accurately.

BRUCE¡¯s experience has resulted in a wide benefits for Excavator operators, not only to utilize the Hammer efficiently but also to the safety, comfort and to ease of service and maintenance.


The BRUCE hammer SGH-0312 with a maximum potential impact energy of 3.6 ton.m and blow rate of 42 bpm mounted on the base machine powered especially by the Excavator had performed really well and reached to the customer¡¯s complete satisfaction. 

Driven pile length was 20 meters in total to drive to be finished, therefore, the piling work carried out primarily in this way like the first pile was driven by Manual operation due to very soft and sandy soil conditions at site, soon after it is done, welding procedure is made to connect them.

Manual operation was done until somewhat the strength is secured upto approximately 7 meters and remaining piles were driven by a Auto operation to accelerate the driving speed.

During the Auto operation, the customer wants to drive only a 300~400mm of low Ram height considering of possible pile breakage inside the ground due to a weak concrete pile strength.

BRUCE recommended that the piles in this case need to retain 300kg/§² of specified compression strength at the least for SGH-0312 Hammer to drive and this will refer to the customer to utilize the BRUCE Hammer more efficiently on and on.

Assembly and installation of BRUCE SGH-0312 hammer

To install the BRUCE SGH-0312 hammer, more than anything else, the Leader need some help from a Crane to lift it up to make the Leader standing straight to connect Booms and Cylinder between the two.
Then the Hammer can be attached to the Leader by a four Guide Claws
that will be sliding up and downs to pick the piles up and driving the piles later controlled by a  Winch Control Switch installed at a drivers cabin to gain a visual operation for the drivers.

Assembly and installation of BRUCE hammer was proceeded by an typical procedure of hammer assembly following to BRUCE¡¯s long years of experience to handle with equipment settling down them in a short time, promptly and rapidly, including at the same time hydraulic pressure and related sensors.

A pair of equipment the BRUCE hammer SGH-0312 and the Excavator had finished assembly and installation altogether with hose bundles, electrical cables and sensors
for monitoring no functional failure are proofed, before just starting the work at site. 

A complete match with Concrete Pile by BRUCE SGH-0312 

The BRUCE hammer SGH-0312 had just finished a successful piling work at site with a  concrete piles up to 20 meters to ensure the ultimate bearing capacity.

The soil condition at site was so dry and sandy that made the Hammer would drive a pile in the Manual operation for the first driving upto approximately 7 meters to ensure having the safety than Auto operation was proceeded for a continuous pile driving until it is driven every pile  

almost at the end of 20 meters is being within 2mm by every 10 blows for finishing the job To find out more about BRUCE¡¯s proven technology, or to discuss how we can assist you.

BRUCE Hydraulic hammer SGH-0312