Offshore Pile Hammer

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BRUCE provides offshore pile driving equipments and hydraulic pile driving solutions to the offshore oil, gas, wind farm, bridge and harbor industries.

BRUCE supplies a wide range of pile driving equipments with hydraulic pile hammer according to customer demand.

The range of offshore pile hammers are from 24 to 1200 kN.m energy and higher size on demand and also provides offshore pile driving related accessories such as suspended leaders, long skirts, roll over cradle for pile hammer sit and easy handling, energy monitoring system and etc.

BRUCE designs, builds and supplies hydraulic piling hammers, hydraulic impact hammer and offshore pile hammers for onshore and offshore use and are known throughout the world for its reliable approach. BRUCE offshore pile hammers are manufactured in Korea.

BRUCE pile driving equipments are used for reliable and controlled installation of conductors, anchor piles, jacket skirt and or leg piles, monopiles and start up piles at the offshore driving condition.

The BRUCE pile hammers are featured high efficiency, simple to operate, easy to maintain and reliable operation and structure.

Offshore Pile Hammer, Offshore Pile Driving