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BRUCE hammer SGH-1015 at port expansion project


The BRUCE has supplied the hydraulic impact pile hammer at its port expansion construction.

The BRUCE hydraulic pile hammer SGH-1015 with a maximum potential impact energy of 15 ton.m and blow rate of 35 bpm powered by hydraulic power pack PQ-250 with 240 hp of Cummins Engine QSB 6.7 and quality proven Pump had made it an economic and dependable choice .


The growth in freight and the critical role of the ports in the regional and national economy are the key reasons given by Ports for expanding its operations into this port. The port company said, facilitated 22 per cent of the regional economy and sustained 187,000 jobs. This was expected to grow to 628,000 jobs by 2031. Over the past 20 years, container volume growth has averaged 6.74 per cent. Under the economic growth targets in the city Plan, the role and capacity of the port will need to expand even more than under standard economic growth patterns. Then last month, the port took a different tack in its submission on the Plan to retain ports. 


For the project, the BRUCE hammer was operated hanging by a 280 tons crawler crane.

But because of planned driving place is quite far away from a cabin of crawler crane,

There needs big cautions to have considered to drive a remote located piles before operations.

Rated capacity is the maximum load for which a lifting device is designed and built, for example,

a lifting device with a rated capacity of 200 tons means that the device, with standard components and operated in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, will lift a load of 200 tons without over-stressing any of the components and without exceeding safety factors. The 200 tons rated capacity includes the weight of any auxiliary devices and rigging.

This is, however, very common knowledge for crane load and this is not the matter we concerned.

The rated capacity of a crane varies with the angle of the boom and its boom length. That is what we actually were concerned for crane how can a crane approach to the piles getting more closer.

This means that the more cranes loaded boom angle smaller and the cranes retracted boom angle is wider, the rated load capacity of crane can have an extreme change than as usual.  

Assembly and installation of SGH-1015 hammer

We must be able to demonstrate competency in operating the Hammer, including, where relevant operating the lifting hammer in a proper, safe, controlled and smooth manner in accordance with the crane specifications. We began to weigh the Hammer weights to meet the requirements from the customer asked the Hammer weight to be comparatively light than we made before. 

Assembly and installation of BRUCE hammer was proceeded by an typical procedure of hammer

assembly following to BRUCEs long years of experience for both Hammer and Power Pack.

A piece of equipment the BRUCE hammer SGH-1015 and power pack PQ-250 had finished

assembly and installing hose bundles, electrical cables including all sensors for continuous

Monitoring and no functional failure are proofed, before going to the job site. 

Casing piles has driven by the BRUCE SGH-1015 

BRUCE hammer SGH-1015 had come in a full scale of  piling work with couple of rounded casing piles together with a crowd of customer to check the hammer can handle in access ultimate bearing capacity and potential energy in at 15 tons with a maximum stroke of 1.5 meters.

The BRUCE hammer carried out a high energy transfer into piles up to 90 percent and could operate without loss of energy according to finish test result instrumented by the customer.  

The BRUCE hammer is free falling hammer utilizing the principle of impact atomization.

This hammer has been designed and focused on eliminating the energy loss for the utmost important approach to its design fabrication when a cylinder up and down movement by controlling the pressure. To find out more about BRUCEs proven technology, or to discuss how we can assist you with your next piling work.

BRUCE Hydraulic power pack PQ-250

Brief specification of SGH-1015 hammer and power pack PQ-250 are as follows. 

SGH-1015 Hammer

Ram Weight 10ton
Max. Stroke 1.5 meter
Max. Potential Energy 15 ton.m
Blow rate at max.Stroke 35 rpm
Suitable pile Size Casing Pile dia.610,710,760,900,1000
Total Weight 20ton

PQ-250 Power Pack

Engine Type Cummins Engine QSB6.7
Engine Power 240HP/179 kW@1800rpm
Engine Speed Low 900rpm / High 1800 rpm
Setting Pressure 280bar
Rated Flow Rate 280lpm
Weight in Operating 4.5ton


BRUCE SGH-1015 with Adjustable Long Pile Skirt

The BRUCE SGH-1015 is equipped with a Adjustable Long Pile Skirt that was designed to adapt for driving a various kind of different diameter of lengthy Casing piles for the project.

The diameters of driven piles are varied from Ø610, Ø710, Ø760, Ø900 and Ø1000.

There are four pieces of Adjusting Bars inside the Long Pile Skirt to adjust upcoming piles.

The Adjusting Bars can be adjusted accurately by connecting bolts according to pile sizes.

The hammer can also be lay down on the Roll Over Cradle that aims at sitting the hammer down on it for a easy transportation, safe storage and quick measurement on sites. 

SGH-1015 featured with Adjustable Long Pile Skirt

The BRUCE Hydraulic hammer SGH-1015 is equipped with an Adjustable Long Pile Skirt that can perform a perfect pile driving job multitude in one, especially for offshore piling project.

The bottom part, which is wide and is having two Roll Bars outwards can be sat on the Roll Over

Cradle that was ambitiously designed for its hammer to lay it down on the  Roll Over Cradle or lift  the hammer by Crane for the special purpose of easy equipment transportation and safe storage

On occasion in working at offshore jobsites. A proper installation of Roll Bars sitting on the Roll Over Cradle is recommended that the location of Roll Bars be paralleled to Hose Bracket so that it can make a smooth sitting on it to observe the hammer for a quick check and temporary storage

Advantages of BRUCE hammer

Impact Energy Analyzer (IEA) provides

A complete set of Cushion system provides

Various range of Pile Skirt fitted for different pile material provides

Proven fabrication techniques on hammer surrounding components provides.

Excellent performances in Ultimate Bearing Capacity for piles provides .

No failure of reliable Power Pack system provides.

A separate structure of cooling system in a Power Pack provides.

Turbocharged Diesel Engine and quality proven Pumps provides. 

BRUCE Hammer SGH-1015 on the Job Briefing

Job Briefing

Job Title Port Expansion Project
Materials of Piles Casing Pile
Pile Length 20~40 meters
Pile Size Casing Pile Dia.610,710,760,900,1000