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BRUCE Auger SGA-120L drilling test the ductile case iron pile


One of the BRUCE’s client has suddenly requested to us to manufacture a low headroom

type of Rotary Head that is supposed to mount on the forklift as a base carrier and the client also

said they had already decided the schedule to work its Augered piling with the cast iron ductile pile

Job that should be done only within the duration of the summer holiday.

The client’s big concern with this time of project is that they should go into inside of the building

to complete the project with bringing a couple of necessary equipment for the project and worried

about the Auger piling performance with some existing Augers which are not proper solution.

BRUCE got promptly down to the work to fabricate and to provide innovative Auger to drill cast iron

Ductile pile in response to clients upcoming limited headroom and limited access challenges.

BRUCE’s specialized Auger SGA-120L enables client to install Augered drilling where and when

required under extremely challenging condition just as Auger piling inside the building.        

Auger drilling test of ductile pile by BRUCE SGA-120L

Auger drilling test of Ø90×1meter, cast iron ductile pile has conducted by BRUCE SGA-120L

Auger at small and narrow yard of client factory until required bearing capacity come out.

Up to 14 pcs of ductile pile has driven by the Auger indicating the required pressure displayed

on the Remote Control Box that enables client to have much confidence for its upcoming project.

BRUCE has the necessary equipment and construction expertise to complete the most

challenging restricted access and low headroom Augered piling projects anywhere the client

may face the space is limited and extremely tight, you can trust BRUCE Low Headroom Auger

BRUCE Auger SGA-120L with PQ-150 Power Pack

Brief specification of SGA-120L Auger and power pack PQ-150 are as follows


SGA-120L Rotary Head (Low Headroom Type)

Motor Capacity

180 cc / rev×1

Max. Output Speed

18 rpm

Max. Output Torque at Max. Pressure

4.4 ton

Max. Hydraulic Oil Flow

160 lpm

Max. Operating Pressure

300 bar

Dimensions of SGA-120L 


Total weight  of SGA-120L

1.2 ton

PQ-150  Power Pack

Engine Type

Doosan Engine

Engine Power


Engine Speed

1800 rpm

Max. Pressure

300 bar (4,351 psi)

Max. Flow

200 lpm (53 gal)

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

300 liter (79 gal)

Fuel Tank Capacity

200 liter (53 gal)

Weight with operating

3,000 kg (6,614 lbs)

A Handhold Remote Control Box with a longer Cable

A portable and a handhold BRUCE Remote Control Box for Augered drilling will help you

get the Auger job done in a set of operating to be more comfortable and accurate ways.

With a longer Cable connected to the Remote Control Box is capable of Augered drilling

in responding to your limited headroom and access challenges.

Functions of BRUCE Auger Remote Control Box

Small and light weighing nearly 1 kg

It’s getting more comfortable and accurate drilling RPM can be adjust.

Auger RPM can be adjust with a Dial Volume depends on soil condition

Emergency stop button that shut the Engine off.

Dial  Volume to increase or lower the Auger speed.

Auger Inching can be easily done at low speed of Engine

Actual drilling Pressure can be displayed on the Remote Control Box

Selector Switch can be turned into forward, backward and stop drilling.

Manual and Auto drilling can be chosen for the continuous drilling. 

BRUCE Rotary Head SGA-120L on the Test Job Briefing

Test Job Briefing

Test Job Title

Augered Drilling at limited headroom 

Materials of Piles

Cast iron Ductile Piles

Pile Length

14 meters

Pile Size

Ø90ⅹ1 meter

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