Pile Hammer Technology

What is a piling hammer?

An impact pile hammer is a specialty pile hammer used to drive piles into the ground.

Impact pile driving hammers are consist of a ram and an apparatus that allows the ram to move quickly upwards and then fall onto the driving system and pile. The ram must have a mass and impact velocity that is sufficiently large to move the pile into ground.

A properly functioning pile hammer strikes the pile in quick succession. It transfers a large portion of the kinetic energy of the ram into the pile. The ram stroke of a pile driving hammer is usually between 200 to 2,000mm.

How does an impact pile hammer work?

The most common types of impact pile hammers in use today are hydraulic drop hammers and diesel hammers. While they operate

differently, they are both used to drive sheet piles, pipe piles, H-piles and concrete piles by allowing a ram weight to fall

onto the top of the pile through drive cap.

Bruce Hydraulic impact pile hammers

Hydraulic oil is applied to the piston to move the ram. A hydraulic power pack provides the pressurized fluid to operate the

pile hammer. Hydraulic impact piling hammers can be operated by hydraulic cylinder acting. Most but not all hydraulic pile hammers employ the use of an electrical solenoid valve operated with a variable timer to adjust time of ram movement of up and down. The timer allows for flexible control of the output energy. Others use a purely hydraulic system to control the valve and thus the cycling of the ram.