Major Event

BRUCE Piling Equipment makes history throughout various worldwide project not only on-shore project also offshore project.

1. Supplied Bruce SGH-2015 to SKANSKA and American Bridge for driving offshore bridge foundation.
2. Supplied PQ-800, 800 PS horse power Power Pack for OD1000mm Casing Driving rotary to Dubai, UAE.
3. Supplied Bruce SGH-1012 Dynamic Compaction Hammer for road compaction.
4. Supplied Bruce SGH-2015, SGH-1618, SGH-1312 to Hyundai Heavy Industrial Co. & Chevron for Gas Storage Plant pile driving at Escaravos Island, Nigeria.
5. Launched and Supplied excavator mounted vibro hammer.
6. Launched and Supplied Bruce SGA-8000 (torque 8ton.m class) Hydraulic Rotary Head for driving rotary drilling.
7. Launched and Supplied Bruce SGH-2315 hammer for driving offshore piling with long pile skirt concept.
8. Launched and Supplied Bruce SGH-1412
9. Supplied Bruce SGH-3015 to Daewang E&C and Samsung Construction for driving 2.5m OD casing pile at Incheon Great Bridge construction as well as long pile skirt was.
10. Launched and Supplied Bruce SGH-1618 and SGH-1619, 1.9m highest stroke in the world to overcome most hard driving final set driving
11. Launched and supplied Bruce SGH-0512 to mount on the European pile driving machine
12. Participated BAUMA Show 2002 exhibition at Germany with our Bruce SGH-0712 hammers.
13. Awarded industrial contributing by Korean government.
14. Developed and launched Impact Energy Monitoring System (IEA System) and it is selected as one of the standard monitoring system by Hong Kong Housing Government.
15. Launched and supplied Bruce SGH-3013 hydraulic pile hammer to Granite Construction Co. project of Hathaway Bridge for driving 60 inch Pre-casted concrete cylinder pile.
16. Launched and supplied Bruce SGH-2015 hydraulic pile hammer to Hong Kong major company for driving final set of 60 stories high building pile.
17. Participated CONEXPO 2002 exhibition at Las Vegas, USA with our Bruce SGH-0712 hammers.
18. Awarded as membership from Korean Construction Machinery Manufacturers Association.
19. Awarded as membership from Pile Driving Contractors Association, USA.
20. Establish company for manufacturing and supplying hydraulic pile hammer and related equipment with 20 years engineering and marketing experience by design and marketing director.

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