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Site Rererence Of SGV-300 With 20m Pile

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Site Rererence Of SGV-300 With 20m Pile


The BRUCE Crane Suspended Vibro based on the auto-synchronization, the high efficient BRUCE vibratory hammers generate perfectly targeted maximum vibrations by directly transmitting the torque from motors to the eccentric shafts which works optimally with vibration equipment that is both freely crane suspended and leader guided.

BRUCE Vibro Hammer also works perfectly with vertical and batter piles.
A quiet, compact design and long bearing life makes the BRUCE Vibro hammer an environmentally and maintenance friendly equipment that is most reliable and stable.

And high efficient Elastomer rubbers protect crane preserve the integrity of the working site.
The BRUCE Crane Suspended Vibro hammer is just fit and available in a variety of models to accommodate any project need.

Both user and environmentally friendly, the BRUCE Vibro hammer provides great vibrations.
The innovation and technological advances are evident in the increased output of driving force and amplitude.

BRUCE SGV-300 Vibro hammer drives 20 meters long steel sheet pile in hard driving condition evaluated the ground is very firm soil condition.

“ It’s very hard land layer so no other Vibros could penetrate more than 12 meters until present, the piles automatically stop at 12 meters position whatever we tried to make great effort.”
A foreman said. BRUCE Vibro tried to avoid densifying the soil any more by vibration with moving piles slightly as well as to extract straight the piles
– looking at Vibro bottoms and hyd. Hoses.

BRUCE SGV-300 Vibro can be the solution on such this hard driving to successfully achieve the goal

BRUCE SGV-300 Vibro with 92 tons of Centrifugal force and 0.866 inch of maximum Amplitude delivers vibration to the 20 meters of sheet pile that liquefies the soil particles to lose hard frictional grip on the pile to ease Driving and Extracting.
Hydraulic Power Pack PQ-400 features diesel engines, hydraulic pump and maximum theoretical power of 276 kW and maximum frequency of 1900 RPM.


To select the right vibro hammer for a given job, some items of driving condition influences on penetration speed must be considered such as soil condition, vibro force(amplitude, centrifugal force), pile weight etc.

BRUCE Vibro SGV-300 with 92 tons of Centrifugal force, which should generally be 15 times bigger than pile weight, was finally selected and carried out basement foundation piling job with a 20 meters of pile.


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