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BRUCE Vibro Ensures The Fundamentals Of Wall Design


BRUCE Vibro Ensures the Fundamentals of Wall Design

The BRUCE Vibro Hammer, a crane suspended type with 92 tons of Centrifugal force and Power Pack PQ-400V with 400 liter per minute of Maximum Flow works at Kimpo, Korea involves the installation of steel sheet pile to form a three storey steel intensive underground basement as a part of a major apartment.

The right selection of the most productive and economical vibrating equipment that meets the construction designer’s criterion can only be accomplished after a proper definition of the job site conditions and performance and longevity goals are defined.

Therefore the first step to a successful design is to clearly establish and document the goals and end users of the project and the wall structure itself.

The BRUCE Vibro can answer a series of questions regarding the desired final result of your project about “ What is the main purpose of the structure?” and What are the specific performance goals needed to successfully achieve the main purpose?” by investigating any possible environmental effects the structure may have and ensure that the structure complies with all regulations or permits that may be associated with the project.

12 meter of sheet piles were installed to form a medium dense soil filled temporary cofferdam over a 50 meter.
The sheet piles were installed using a 70 tons of Leader fitted with a 0.866 inch of maximum amplitude of Vibro Hammer SGV-300.

BRUCE SGV-300 boasted of a high powered hydraulic clamp with 140 tons of clamping force that it once grip a pile, never let it go until the clamp switch is pressed off by the operators.

In the permanent state, the sheet piles were driven to resist the earth and water pressure when supported at basement and intermediate floor slab levels.
The piles have also been assessed for their vertical load carrying capacity that has been accounted for in the basement structure and foundation design.



To select the right vibro hammer for a given job, some items of driving condition influences on penetration speed must be considered such as soil condition, vibro force(amplitude, centrifugal force), pile weight etc.

BRUCE Vibro SGV-300 with 92 tons of Centrifugal force, which should generally be 15 times bigger than pile weight, was finally selected and carried out basement foundation piling job with a 20 meters of pile.


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