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BRUCE SGV-200 Fits For Grand Scale Of Sheet Pile Job


SGV-200 fits at grand scale of Sheet Pile Job in SIHWA MTV

Just before entering into Sihwa seawall from Oido, With your head turn left, you may find that huge reclamation works are under way with the state of water won’t go yet down the sea.

It is a job site of Sihwa Multi-Techno Valley located at northern land of the lake of Sihwa.
It is showed that 10 % of process rate of reclaimed land so far at the present since the first reclamation construction has started last year.
Upon completing reclamation construction, all the needed infrastructures will go up here step by step. By the time of year 2016 which estimated as a whole project termination the MTV will turn to a one of future oriented multifunctional city coexisting with human and nature, high-technology and ecological environment system.

The Sihwa MTV has a first priority that provides metropolitan city with industrial complex and improves water and air pollution in the Sihwa district.
This is a clear answer that accounted for the start of the project.
One of the crane suspended type of BRUCE Vibratory Hammer Model SGV-200 with 73 tons of Centrifugal Force, which is equal to 147 Kw of power, will take a main role of laying out a sequence of sheet pile sections here.

The BRUCE SGV-200 Vibratory Hammer is being suspended by the 70 ton capacity of cranes to undertake a task of space of restriction by providing structural resistance with 10 meters of sheet piles just before deep excavation or reinforced concrete sheet piles and afterwards it will go into the task of extracting a 20 meters of H-beam in the previously constructed area located just near from the present job site.

12 meter of sheet piles were installed to form a medium dense soil filled temporary cofferdam over a 50 meter.
The sheet piles were installed using a 70 tons of Leader fitted with a 0.866 inch of maximum amplitude of Vibro Hammer SGV-300.

BRUCE SGV-300 boasted of a high powered hydraulic clamp with 140 tons of clamping force that it once grip a pile, never let it go until the clamp switch is pressed off by the operators.

In the permanent state, the sheet piles were driven to resist the earth and water pressure when supported at basement and intermediate floor slab levels.
The piles have also been assessed for their vertical load carrying capacity that has been accounted for in the basement structure and foundation design.


BRUCE PQ-400V Power Pack mounted on the crane with easy transportation

BRUCE SGV-200 Vibratory Hammer is matched with and powered by PQ-400V Power Pack with 350 HP engine power and 1900 rpm of engine speed.

It features a closed loop top hydraulic system for reliability and quick and simple equipment serviceability and is designed to easy be transported with mounted on the crane.


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