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A Solution To The Excavators With 12 Meters Of Sheet Pile Job


A solution to the Excavators with 12 meters of Sheet Pile Job

Soil conditions may allow for the sections to be vibrated into the ground instead of it being hammer driven.

Steel Sheet Pile Driving is the most common because of several advantages over other materials ;
provides high resistance to driving stresses, light weight, can reused on several projects, long service life above or below water with modest protection and joints are less apt to deform during driving.

When human life get grew and more complicated, Sheet Pile Driving Construction has became more widely used as a retaining system for deep excavation or space restriction into such areas like public infrastructure, reclamation, river-bank maintenance, footing, transport, petrochemical, mining, metals and so forth.
The standardized Sheet Pile are normally sold by the 3 meters unit like 3, 6, 9,12 meters and more. Among them, 12 meters of Sheet Pile has become more frequently used for retaining system for deep excavation in recent days.

BRUCE proudly presents a solution to the excavators for those who are mostly concerned with Sheet Pile Driving Job thus they have difficulties with such a 12 meters long pile to be provided a Prolonged Boom, Extension Arm and Vibro Hammer with most added benefits to be fulfilled to your requirements.


Attaching the BRUCE Vibro SGV-40 into the 30 tons of Excavator

BRUCE provides a key solution to 30 tons of Excavators attached by Prolonged Boom specified 2.5 meters more increased height than capable maximum length, which most added benefits used in deep Sheet Pile Driving Job, especially for those who are concerned with 12 meters of deep Sheet Piling Driving.

BRUCE SGV-40 mounted on Excavator performed 12 meter of Sheet piling job

Here is a good example explaining about normal sold 30 tons Excavator.
The original dimension of Maximum Dump Height has been decided to be measured in only 11,950 mm for normal excavation job.

BRUCE presents more increased Boom and Long Extension Arm to be accomplished as deep as 12 meters.
Although the BRUCE Vibro Hammer is kept afloat in the air by an Excavator, the operators do not want to worry about connecting the joints adjacent piles in sequential installation.

Thanks to BRUCE Vibro’s Rotating Gear Case, whoever can take a comfortable position for piles to be interlocked.


BRUCE Piling Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to helping construction and drilling companies achieve precise, high-quality results from their drilling equipment.

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