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BRUCE SGH-1012 Working On Sheet Piling In The Marine Structure


BRUCE SGH-1012 Working On Sheet Piling In The Marine Structure

Marine structures may face many unintended challenges to the engineer than traditional land-based structural design.
Not only does the engineer have to account for conventional and operational loads, but the addition of being on or near water presents an array of other design issues.

Bruce hammer has long years experience in pile foundation design and research to address the many issues associated with marine structures;
from shore protection work in the riverside and expansion of bottom line of port.

Bruce hammer has the innovative applications and engineering support to deliver the most cost effective solution for the marine structure.
Sheet piles have been used for many years to construct water retaining cofferdams.

In recent years the same flow-restricting properties have been used in the environmental sector.
Sheet piles can be driven deep into the ground to cut off groundwater far below the surface.
Sheet pile barrier walls disturb sensitive sites far less than slurry walls, drilling or other methods.
A variety of water restrictive systems are available.

BRUCE hydraulic pile hammer SGH-1012 headed for the extension of port work and sheet piles named LARSSEN pile-pu32 is used for the support and protection of permanent sea banks.
The initial stage of positioning the sheet pile is conducted by a Vibratory hammer, Then SGH-1012 equipped with sheet pile leg goes on to the next step delivering a heavy vertical loads to piles to come up to a full bearing capacity for the sheet piles.
It creates a continuous wall by impacting the piles.

A combined pile solution that shows two different types of adaptor systems:
sheet pile leg & cap block used in the area of sheet pile work and a hammer with a built in adaptor tends to use for other pile construction after the sheet pile leg has taken off from the hammer.

BRUCE hydraulic pile hammer SGH-1012 powered by PQ-250 power pack is quite convertible for both land or marine construction.
The advantage of PQ-250 is that all the operating functions can be controlled by a remote control box that leads to operators focus more on current tasks.
The product’s ease of use, ability to be driven through water and overall life cycle make BRUCE a good and economical alternative in the marine construction sites.


BRUCE hydraulic hammer SGH-1012 equipped with Sheet Pile Leg & Cap Block is conducting operations on sheet pile in the marine work site.

It transfers extremely high energy ratings to piles that enable the piles to have a Bearing Capacity to meet the proper foundation requirements.


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