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BRUCE SGV-40 Vibratory Hammer Working In The Songdo City In Korea


BRUCE SGV-40 Vibratory Hammer Working In The Songdo City In Korea

A brand new Songdo city will be the first “new” city in the world designed and planned as an international business district.
Songdo is rising as the “Gateway to Northeast Asia,” a geographical hub just 40 miles southwest of Seoul and 25 miles from the North Korean DMZ industrial area.
Built on 1,500 Acres of reclaimed land and soon to be connected to Incheon international airport via a new bridge, Songdo is the most ambitious undertaking of its kind.

Currently under construction, this masterpPlanned city will provide an unsurpassed quality of life – including a 100-acre of Central Park, International School, Hospital, Museum, and Shopping Center amongst its many amenities.

What is a Vibratory Hammer?

New Songdo City is a city designed around one thing: the people who will live and work here.
People who will experience an unparalleled quality of life as technology, resources and innovation all come together to create the ideal environment.

The project brings together the top industry leaders to enrich and build the world’s most beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly city.
Its scope, beauty and vision embody the heart of its developers and sets a new level of excellence on both the local and global scale.


A full view of Songdo lake park, running into a long lake where the canoe race can be tried.

BRUCE SGV-40 works in the second section of Songdo to drive steel sheet pile in the marshland.
The operator of a 26 ton of excavator said that he want sheet piles to be neatly arranged to work.

As most excavator foremen know, arranging sheet piles for the next use can be a bothersome.
With a 360 degree of rotating boom bracket and super powered hydraulic clamp, the solution is to grab holder of the pile meant that you can horse the pile exactly whatever you want in associate with laying out a sequence of piles, ensuring sheet piles will interlock and driving to the desired depth.

Soil conditions allowed for the SGV-40 to drive pile easily being vibrated into ground instead of it being much attention paid.
The full wall is formed by connecting the joints of adjacent sheet pile sections in sequential installation.

BRUCE Vibratory hammers has being used successfully.
This is precisely what BRUCE Vibratory Hammers do


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