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BRUCE Utilized At Incheon Bridge Project In Korea


BRUCE utilized at Incheon Bridge Project in Korea

The Incheon Bridge project, key concerning of offshore pile driving hammer is proceeding by crossing the Incheon sea and connecting with the current Incheon international airport highway and the second Seoul-Incheon highway.

The huge scaled bridge construction will be going on connecting either with a national gateway of Incheon international airport and Song-do international city thus eventually building a No 110 line of highway that includes Song-do coastal roadway leads to the third Seoul-Incheon highway and other roads connecting municipal road lines.

The construction is scheduled for completion in the autumn this year.
The Incheon Bridge project could possibly become a new landmark in the northeast Asia participated both foreign and domestic engineers with their sophisticated concepts has being accumulated a highly advanced construction technology to make new construction history.
It will be completed and opened to the 5th longest bridge in the world.

BRUCE SGH-3015 hydraulic hammer powered by Bruce’s unique model PQ-600 with 600 HP engine along with this hammer operation, pile impact energy analysis (IEA) allowing operators to monitor the installation while driving.
The gauges on the IEA predict the capacity of the pile.

The planning for historical construction includes forming a six multiple roundtrip roadways to enhance a traffic flow that comes with a 18.248 km of nation’s longest bridge ever, in a way of length ranked the 5th longest in the world.

The height of main tower supporting the bridge is also extremely high comes up to 238.5 m to give a comfort transportation for those all the ships passing by the bridge.(63 building 249m ,Trade center 228M, Eiffel tower 320m)


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