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All the success pile driving at Porto do Acu-S.J Barra/RJ


All the success pile driving at Porto do Acu-S.J Barra/RJ

Bruce SGH-2015 for offshore pile driving has successfully utilized on the big scaled jobsite of Porto do Acu – S.J Barra / RJ in South America showing off its ability of the pile driving performance.

The primary action taken to participate in foundation work of forming a 2.5 km of a new port was proceeded by accompanied with SGH-2015 without having any simple difficulties

BRUCE SGH-2015 equipped with a 800mm dia of Concrete Precast Pile and the length of file comes to 47m is powered by unique BRUCE power pack model PQ-500, engine horse power 547 HP which can be operated by a remote control featuring a simple design for the method of use even from an distance.

Long skirt and Crane Free Suspended type of SGH-2015 enhanced the capability of pile driving work to obtain a maximum effectiveness during the actual proceeding work by selecting of a long skirt but a typical hammer guiding leader is not adopted.

Higher stroke of 1.5m stroke (5 feet) is a kind of some of which you can actually be benefitted from operating the SGH-2015 in your jobsite.
It enables you to obtain more powered energy achievement providing the increased energy ratio is 25% higher than other equipments of 1.2 stroke. It’s quite economical operating way.

No hesitation ! experience BRUCE hammer!
I t became more popular way to a bridge pile driving work presented by BRUCE with a innovative way of pile driving performance particularly taken cared by hydraulic pile hammer will prevail on the most construction site.

BRUCE has a successful story in USA by supplying them a few larger hammer model such as SGH-3013 with 30 tons of ram weight and 1.3 m of stroke used OD 62 inch concrete pile and 120 feet long led to participating in HATHAWAY BRIDGE contracted by Granite Construction Company in USA.



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