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The Success Pile Driving At Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

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The Success Pile Driving At Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

All the success pile driving at Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Bruce has supplied SGH-2015 model, 20ton (44092 lbs) ram weight with 1.5meter(4.92 ft) stroke, 30ton.m(216990 lbs.ft) energy to SKANSKA, USA for driving 66 inch concrete cylinder pile with 120ft long at Williamburg,Virginia,USA for new bridege Pile foundation.

The SGH-2015 has fitted into USA U-Type Leads size of 10 inch *75 inch to drive OD.66 inch concrete cylinder pile and 120ft long

The SGH-2015 has USA “U” Type Leads guide suitable for 10 inch*75 inch and powed by BRUCE power pack Model PQ-500, engine horse power 547hp which is operating by remote control box at the long distance area as simple design and easy operational function has.

Pitching and small stroke control ability looks

very useful function for driving condition of soft layer driving ground section by controlling simply stroke and speed of bpm on control box.. it’s precious function.


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