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BRUCE SGH-3015 Great Bridge Project


BRUCE SGH-3015 Great Bridge Project

The job is for bridge piling of 2.5 m steel pipe pile and 45 m long driving by HPSI 2000 Vibro for initial driving and final driving is by BRUCE SHG-3015, 30 ton Ram weight and 1.5 m maximum stroke.

Due to less driving power from the HPSI 2000 Vibro, it is driving by Impact Hammer and BRUCE have supplied suitable Hydraulic Pile Hammer and drive cap to suit 2.5 meter diameter steel pipe pile.

And further more for saving the cost of the power pack, BRUCE supplied econonic modified manifold block to HPSI’s 1200 power pack and it was simple to us combo Style used Vibratory hammer and Pile Hammer of BRUCE SGH-3015.

The required Hammer horse power is around 650 HP and it can be suitable to any power pack higher 650 HP size and can be modified simply and BRUCE can supply only Hammer to customer.

The project of above bridge is that name of Incheon Great Bridge and total length of bridge is 12 km long and total pile numbers of driving is around 400 piles.


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