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BRUCE Introduces Hydraulic Hammer

The BRUCE Hydraulic Hammer has been introduced to the market. Bruce hammers have been engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the civil engineering and piling sectors, but they also are user and environmentally friendly. With ram sized from 3ton to 40ton and higher, Bruce hydraulic hammers offer high driving efficiency, simplicity in design and maintenance, precise stroke control, low emissions, easy trouble-shooting and high reliability.

The hammers can drive any style of pile and run in any style of leader system.

Bruce power packs have been designed to supply optimum oil flow and pressure to match the hammers’ impact energy requirements. Using only quality components, Cummins engines, Rexroth pumps and Bosch valves, the power packs cool efficiently, ensuring no overheating of the hydraulic oil. Soundproofing greatly reduces unwanted noise levels.

For more information about Bruce hydraulic impact hammers,

Please refer to www.powerquip.co.kr


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