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BRUCE Auger SGA-120L Drilling Test The Ductile Case Iron Pile


BRUCE Auger SGA-120L drilling test the ductile case iron pile

One of the BRUCE’s client has suddenly requested to us to manufacture a low headroom type of Rotary Head that is supposed to mount on the forklift as a base carrier and the client also said they had already decided the schedule to work its Augered piling with the cast iron ductile pile Job that should be done only within the duration of the summer holiday.

The client’s big concern with this time of project is that they should go into inside of the building to complete the project with bringing a couple of necessary equipment for the project and worried about the Auger piling performance with some existing Augers which are not proper solution.

BRUCE got promptly down to the work to fabricate and to provide innovative Auger to drill cast iron Ductile pile in response to clients upcoming limited headroom and limited access challenges.

BRUCE’s specialized Auger SGA-120L enables client to install Augered drilling where and when required under extremely challenging condition just as Auger piling inside the building.


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