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BRUCE SGH-1815 Working At Foundation Construction


Assembly and installation of BRUCE SGH-1815 hammer

For the project, the BRUCE SGH-1815 hammer was attached with a six pieces of Guide Claws on the Fixe Leader Type of a pile driving rig equipped with a special made Lifting Sheave.

A six pieces of Guide Claws, which was specially made to fit into pile driving rig for this time will make sure pile driving work to become an straight line and driven all the time without waving or shacking the piles while the hammer is sliding the Leader upwards and downwards

Assembly and installation of BRUCE hammer was proceeded by an typical procedure of hammer assembly following to BRUCE’s long years of experience to handle with equipment settling down them in a short time, promptly and rapidly, including at the same time hydraulic pressure and related sensors.

A piece of equipment the BRUCE hammer SGH-1815 and power pack PQ-500 had finished assembly and installation altogether with hose bundles, electrical cables and sensors for monitoring no functional failure are proofed, before just starting the job.

The BRUCE hammer SGH-1815 with a maximum potential impact energy of 27 ton.m and blow rate of 28 bpm powered by hydraulic power pack PQ-500 with 623 hp of engine power had performed really well and reached to the customer’s complete satisfaction

Driven pile length were 50 meters in total to drive to be finished, therefore, each 12 meters of PHC piles were connected consecutively by welding on a black colored steel cap place.

The first stage of pile driving work was progressed in a somewhat soft soil condition.

In preparation for this case that may cause hammer a sudden downfall to the ground.



The BRUCE, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in hydraulic hammer industry in a worldwide range, is working on PHC Piles at a foundation construction site to erect a skyscraper.

Interesting is this, Isaac Newton, an English physicist and mathematician, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all times until so far today.

The BRUCE must be in respect for him and his scientific formula such as ‘Laws of motion’ & ‘Universal gravitation’ that his theory is still descripted by the hammer and remained practical.

This is because the BRUCE hydraulic impact hammer is utilizing such a formula along with ‘Law of mass conservation’ or gravitational energy while driving the piles in an actual circumstances.

Following to the formula of ‘ potential energy’ which is explicable as W = m. g. h means that a certain mass or fluid would have a certain energy when it is being rising at h height, the BRUCE hydraulic hammer in the end well performs at this optimal formula by eliminating the possible factors having a bad influence to a hammer operation, for instances, loss of pressure, Inefficient power delivery, the occurrence of friction force in the cylinder and buckling in the rod.

The free falling Ram, particularly, carries out its principle very well without any of influential load.


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