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BRUCE Vibro SGV-400 Working At Foundation Construction



Because of several advantages over other piling materials, the steel sheet piles is one of the most commonly used in driving piles into the ground.

The steel sheet piles have a lot advantages in retaining system like foundation construction for deep excavations.

The steel sheet piles are light weight, high resistance to driving stresses and even more it can ne reused on several next coming projects.

On the while, similar to steel sheet piles, H-Beam piles are generally related to structural foundation and specifically it comprehends a connection or splice for its H-Beams as bearing piles and thus many types piles are employed in construction work depending on the material which is met while driving the section of piles.

BRUCE vibro hammers SGV-400 with 130 tons of Centrifugal force and 18mm of maximum Amplitude delivers vibration to the 20 meters of sheet pile that liquefies the soil particles to lose hard frictional grip on the pile to ease driving and extracting.

Also the hydraulic Power Pack PQ-500V is environmentally friendly through its low emissions delivering 540 liters per minute through the double pumps and hydraulic oil has its own separated cooling system.

Installation of SGV-400 Vibro hammer

Installation of BRUCE SGV-400 Vibro hammer was first proceeded from attaching a 160U Clamp to the Vibro body in opposition direction of hydraulic Hose bundles where connected.

The standard length of 45m hydraulic Hoses were connected between Vibro and Power Pack making sure of obtaining enough length for Vibro against piles for driving and extraction.

BRUCE’s long years of experience to handle with equipment settling down them in a short time, promptly and rapidly, including at the same time the Vibro SGV-400 and power pack PQ-500V had checked its right pressure and oil flow for the operation


Optimum match to the soil conditions

The BRUCE Vibro Hammer is well known its elaborated and fine machined components consisting of core parts inside the Gear Box and related hydraulic connection system.

The SGV-400 matched the Centrifugal force and maximum required Amplitude optimally to the soil condition with a Volume Dial Button on Remote Control Pendant to adjust Engine rpm.

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