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BRUCE PILING EQUIPMENT (SHINSEGAE POWERQUIP) is one of the worldwide leading manufacturing and supplying company in the field of pile driving equipment such as Hydraulic Pile Hammers, Vibro Hammers, Vibratory Hammers, Rotary Drilling Heads and its related Piling Accessories.
Our brand name of “BRUCE” stands for Better Result Using this Construction Equipment – and we have awarded the National Export Day prize for Worldwide Achieved Target from government and also awarded Presidential Citation for contributing national industrial developemnt.

We are constantly developing and improving our product design, quality and performance meet the varied, individual needs of our customers and their projects.

Introduction of BRUCE Piling Equipment


BRUCE Piling Equipment: Pile Driving Excellence in the Pile Driving Industry Solutions

Welcome to BRUCE Piling Equipment, a distinguished leader in manufacturing and supplying cutting-edge equipment for hydraulic Pile Driving works. With over 27 years manufacturing experience in the pile driving machinery and plus over 10 years construction machinery industries, BRUCE has earned a worldwide qualified reputation under its trademark.


Our Expertise:

As a prominent player in the field, BRUCE Piling Equipment specializes in the design and supply of top-notch pile driving equipment, including Hydraulic Pile Hammers, Vibratory Hammers, Vibro Hammers, Rotary Drilling Heads, and Hydraulic Power Packs, Piling Accessories. Our commitment is to continually advance and enhance our product design and quality, catering to the varying project requirements of customers across more than 80 countries worldwide.


Innovative Solutions:

BRUCE's extensive range of highly qualified hydraulic impact piling hammers, onshore and offshore piling hammers, vibro hammers/vibratory hammers, rotary drilling heads, and piling accessories provides not only cost-effective solutions but also a diverse array of options and modifications tailored to suit the most challenging projects. Our wealth of application experience positions us as a trusted partner for all piling needs.
Comprehensive Website for Seamless Business:

As part of our commitment to simplicity and convenience, BRUCE Pile Driving Equipment has unveiled a comprehensive website. This user-friendly platform offers detailed product information, contact details, and easy navigation, providing a wealth of information about our company's profile and the wide range of specialized pile driving equipment.


Quality Assurance:

All pile driving equipment marketed by BRUCE is ISO-9001 certified, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends to our program for designing and developing specialized pile driving equipment, including Hydraulic Pile Hammers, Vibratory Hammers, Vibro Hammers, Rotary Drilling Heads, and Piling Accessories.


Forward-Thinking Approach:

BRUCE Piling Equipment looks ahead with a commitment to furthering the piling industries. Our array of Piling Hammers, Vibro Hammers/Vibratory Hammers, and Rotary Drilling Heads are offered with a bold and cost-effective approach. We aim to be your preferred business partner, delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.


Certified Excellence, Globally Recognized:

As we consistently strive to be the best business partner, BRUCE Piling Equipment is proud to be ISO-9001 certified, providing customers with assurance and confidence in the reliability and quality of our equipment.


Sustainability is important to us !

We at BRUCE Piling Equipment have been focusing and working with sustainability for more than two decades to manufacture and supply our products and service to the clients the most efficient combination of performance, quality, price and sustainability. We have also focused a lot of efforts, however there is still much more to do. across our industry, we need to reduce our impact on the climate, improve our social impact and build a better design system. And we need to do this transparently. Concerning about sustainability, we are continuously going to strive to be responsible. We understand that we need to be committed to sustainability so that improvements can be made to our society and the environment for future generations.




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James Yoo
CEO, BRUCE Piling Equipment


CK Kim
CTO, BRUCE Piling Eqipment
Jan 19. 2024


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