Hydraulic Pile Hammer Glossary

Hydraulic Pile
Hammer Glossary

The BRUCE Hydraulic Vibro Hammer Standard Glossary of Terminology has specially been prepared with the object of unifying the various technical terms and expressions targeted for majority members of construction conductors on sites who are being involved with BRUCE Pile Hammer and Vibratory Hammer to be operated at the various different Vibro Hammer operation taking place through the world. We wish and aim with our continue efforts that this will be standard in the pile driving industries.
It is consisting of a jet pump, supply lines and one or more jet pipes which use water to displace soil and advance a pile into the ground.
A hoisting mechanism for lifting the Hammer or the Piles and it is consisting of a drum on which a steel rope is wound.
It is operated by power through BRUCE Power Pack or Base Machine like Cranes or Excavators owned by the customer at any of foundation construction workplace.
The Winches provided by BRUCE are used for lifting of Hammer and Piles.
This type is also one of the most frequently used Leader type for BRUCE Hammer mounting on the Leader for the purpose of driving into a more difficult to set up.
This type of Leader is more accurately advanced method for pile driving and more sophisticated Leader type than a Fixed Leader Type in terms of the Hammer is interlocking inside the Leader to slide or to stick to it accommodating a more precise pile driving and a greater battered piling work by the Crane lifts a whole structure of Leader.
This is used to maintain the pile in the proper position and alignment during pile driving with especially U-Type Leader from BRUCE Hammer.
It should be constructed of steel and rigid enough to hold the pile In place and be placed within 1.5 meters of pile cut-off elevation from ground
This is the terminology used to describe the height of the Ram that is controlled by a BRUCE Remote Control Box to start to ascend stepwise for driving a pile.
The stroke from BRUCE Remote Control Box is dependent upon Oil Flow and resistance attached Height Volume Button on a Remote Control Box so that stroke can be set for a Ram Height at any circumstance.
Sheet Piles are made from all basic pile material either plane or combined in a form or shape so that they interlock to form a wall or sheet of piling.
The types are various and it is used when a wall or sheet of piling is required such as in case of retaining walls, coffer dams and water front structure.
Sheet Pile driven by BRUCE Hammer needs a special Pile Leg.
“SPT” is an abbreviation for the Standard Penetration Test, which is the most widely used in-situ soil characterization test world widely.
The SPT test involves driving a standard cylindrical sampler into the bottom of a borehole.
The total blows required from a hammer, over the interval 150 to 450 mm (6 to 18 inches) are summed to give the blow count N, in blows per foot.
The N-value is used as a basis for foundation design and as the primary index of liquefaction resistance.
The bouncing of the Hammer on hitting the pile, too much of Rebound from Hammer hitting is a sign of inefficient pile driving as a large part of the energy is diverted from driving.
Rebound will nearly always occur as pile is near its desired set but Rebound in the initial stage is an indication that the hammer is too light for the task.
The Ram stay time for controlling the Rebound is being set on a Remote Control Box that controls the Hammer.
The raising and falling part of the Hammer that delivers the impacting energy to piles through Cushions inserted in
a Drive Cap in a sequential procedure whenever it carries out a repeated movement of impacting.
The Ram is logically comprised of one or more Ram Segments connected with a Connecting Rods of Cylinder Assembly of BRUCE Hammer
It is also called Pile Rig by others. It is the complete pile driving equipment comprising of piling frame, Leader, Hammer and winch with power unit.
Complete pile driving rig may be mounted on rafts or pontoon or rails.
Piling rig may also be a mobile unit mounted on trailers or trucks, or a special full revolving rig for another planned pile driving work