Hydraulic Pile Hammer Glossary

Hydraulic Pile
Hammer Glossary

The BRUCE Hydraulic Vibro Hammer Standard Glossary of Terminology has specially been prepared with the object of unifying the various technical terms and expressions targeted for majority members of construction conductors on sites who are being involved with BRUCE Pile Hammer and Vibratory Hammer to be operated at the various different Vibro Hammer operation taking place through the world. We wish and aim with our continue efforts that this will be standard in the pile driving industries.
A pile formed with or without a casing, by excavating or boring a hole in the ground and subsequently filling it with plain or reinforced cement concrete
It is also can be called as Blow Count by other companies In the same industry.
It is the number of Ram on the Hammer impacts or blows required to drive the pile within a given time of measurement.
Blow Rate for BRUCE Hammer is counting during the duration of one minute
A pile driven or formed in the ground for transmitting the weight of a structure to the soil by the resistance developed at its point and by friction along its surface.
It may be driven vertically or at an inclination (raking pile) and may be required to take uplift.
It is literally the capacity of soil to support the loads to the ground, but, calculating this became more complicated because so many other factors are influenced to gain this formula on the basis of energy mass conservation law and times a safe ratio 3 is Ultimate Bearing Capacity
A pile which is driven in an angle to the vertical, normally adopted to counteract horizontal force acting on vertical piles.
The part of a power operated hammer which receives the blow of the ram and transmits it to the pile.
It is consisting of three main parts of a shell, a Bladder and a oil port that is functioning the control of energy in respect of storage, maintain, compensation and reduction & absorption the pulsation and impact in the hydraulic system.
It is placed on a Logic Block of Cylinder Assembly of BRUCE Hammer to perform the duties in terms of absorbing shocks from possible hydraulic damage and reducing the flow fluctuations for the hoses