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Impact Pile Hammer

BRUCE Hydraulic Pile hammer is widely applicable in most case of pile driving condition such as driving concrete piles, steel casing piles, round piles, square piles, H-Beam piles and others as well as various driving types are also applicable likely Fixed Leader Mounting, U-Type Leads adaptable, Crane Suspended Type hanging driving and etc.

BRUCE Pile driving Hammer has been providing pile hammers over 25 years of manufacturing and supplying to most valuable project of customers throughout the world with full range of model lined up energy ranging 2.4 ton.m (24kNm) to 200 ton.m (2000kNm) and larger pile hammer can be also provided and BRUCE Piling Hammers are providing most wide selectable BRUCE model among world reputable contractors.

BRUCE Pile Hammer and Piling Hammer provide wide range of models ranging from energy 24 kNm to 2000 kNm capacity piling hammer...

Pile Hammer

A pile hammer, also known as a piling hammer or impact pile hammer, is specialized construction equipment used to drive piles into the ground. These piles provide foundational support for various structures such as buildings, bridges, ports, and oil fields. The pile hammer consists of a ram and a mechanism that rapidly lifts the ram and lets it fall onto the pile, driving it into the ground with significant force.
Pile Hammer - BRUCE SGH-2815
BRUCE offers a wide range of pile hammers with energy capacities from 2.4 ton.m (24 kNm, 17,359 lbs.ft) to 200 ton.m (2000 kNm, 1,448,958 lbs.ft). Custom models are also available upon request to meet specific project needs.
To choose the most suitable BRUCE pile hammer model, please fill out the “Questionnaire for BRUCE Impact Pile Hammer Selection” form. This form requires specific project details which will help the BRUCE team recommend the most economical and suitable model for your needs. Download the questionnaire and send it to us for a detailed review.
BRUCE pile hammers are designed with significant environmental considerations, offering advantages such as no smoke emissions, reduced noise levels, easy operation, adjustable energy settings, and straightforward starting procedures. These features make BRUCE pile hammers a more environmentally friendly and efficient choice compared to traditional diesel hammers.
Overview of BRUCE Hydraulic Pile Hammers
BRUCE Hydraulic Pile Hammers are versatile and suitable for various pile driving conditions, including concrete piles, steel casing piles, round piles, square piles, H-beam piles, and more. They can be used with different driving types such as Fixed Leader Mounting, U-Type Leads adaptable, and Crane Suspended Type hanging driving.

With over 27 years of experience, BRUCE has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of pile hammers to numerous valuable projects worldwide. The BRUCE Pile Hammers offer a full range of models with energy capacities from 2.4 ton.m (24 kNm) to 200 ton.m (2000 kNm), providing a wide selection to meet the needs of reputable contractors around the globe.

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