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The future of oil and natural gas buried in the ocean, but recent years, an exploitation of an huge amount of undiscovered resources in the sea have became more and more difficult business even though today’s technology can be affordable by using its advanced facilities made of for extraction of conventional reserves

Offshore Pile Hammer BRUCE Pile Hammer Is At The Forefront Of An Oil And Gas Production Platform Now the excess to oil and natural gas in the sea has been towards setting up a platform a lot faraway from the land and drilling in deeper and deeper water. This is the main reason that extraction from fields at great depths and a long distance marine areas requires harbor, bridge or platform that would be permanently mounted on the sea bed for the future project plan

Because the cost of Offshore construction is already relatively high, BRUCE’s most suitable Offshore application will be necessary to make it done the project

Offshore Pile Hammer

Hydraulic Pile Hammer - BRUCE Energy Monitoring System


To meet the demand for precise piling nowadays, Bruce hammer provides energy monitoring system as an optional kit, which enables continuous record of each blow energy on real time basis. Hard print and PC link are available for recording and further analysis.

Hydraulic Pile Hammer - BRUCE Power Pack


Bio-degradable hydraulic oil and low emission engine are provided concerning for earth environmental clean.

Hydraulic Pile Hammer - BRUCE SGH-2015


Fixed Leader Type (Round Shape and Square Type), Crane Suspended Type, Offshore Leader Type, U-Type Leads and others can be adaptable.