Hydraulic Power Packs

BRUCE Hydraulic
Power Packs

Vibro Hammer - BRUCE SGV-300 casing pile driving

Power Pack for Pile Hammer & Vibro Hammer

The BRUCE power packs have been designed and manufactured to optimize the hydraulic system for a constant stability of the piling performance with high efficiency of operations for BRUCE hydraulic impact piling hammers, vibro hammers, rotary head and others custom-made power pack.

A sound proofed frame style with heavy steel enclosure and enough space of inside layout enables to obtain an easy access for quick maintenance and ensures durability of power pack.
Maximum efficiency and reliability ensured by BRUCE optimised hydraulic system. Equipped with reputable quality hydraulic pump and valves.
High cooling capacity of hydraulic system provides a stable high efficiency of hydraulic systems and together with oversized radiator ensures no overheat problems



User-Friendly Control Panel Design

Our control panel combines a user-friendly design with a full suite of advanced functionalities, offering a seamless integration of electrical and hydraulic systems. Key features include:
* Battery Recharge & Coolant Temperature Gauge
* Engine Start & Stop Key
* Main Electric Power ON/OFF Switch
* Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
* Engine Speed Selector
* Pressure Gauge for Vibro and Clamp
* LED Clamping Indicator
* Fuel Gauge
* Emergency Stop Button
* Engine Temperature Gauge
* VIBRO/CLAMP Operational Switch
This control panel is designed to enhance operational efficiency and ease of use, making it ideal for managing complex systems with minimal effort.

Integrated Manifold Block Design

BRUCE hydraulic systems and components are predominantly integrated into a manifold block. This design facilitates efficient system monitoring and control, ensuring precise delivery of flow and pressure to equipment.
The manifold block enhances system reliability and simplifies maintenance, providing accurate performance for optimal operational efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Components

All BRUCE hydraulic components are fully compatible with biodegradable oils, reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.
This compatibility ensures that our systems operate efficiently while minimizing environmental impact, supporting eco-friendly practices in your operations.

High-Performance Swashplate Type Axial Piston Pump

BRUCE high-performance swashplate type axial piston pump integrates advanced axial piston technology and premium brand components. Designed for reliability and efficiency, this pump provides precise flow control, with optional electric regulation available for enhanced operational flexibility.

High Cooling Capacity & Spacious Interior

The BRUCE power pack features an enhanced cooling capacity with a larger radiator, allowing it to operate efficiently in ambient temperatures up to 40°C. This design ensures optimal performance even in high-temperature environments, while the spacious internal layout accommodates easy access and maintenance.

Turbocharged High-Power Diesel Engine

The BRUCE power pack is powered by Hyundai (Doosan) or Cummins turbocharged diesel engines, providing superior horsepower and torque for enhanced productivity. These engines incorporate advanced electronic and computer controls to optimize power output and reduce fuel consumption, ensuring efficient and reliable performance under demanding conditions.