The Pile Driving Equipment, Hydraulic Impact Hammer, Pile Hammer, Piling Hammers, Vibro Hammer, Vibratory Hammer
for Most of Excavator & Crane suitable, BRUCE

BRUCE Pile Driving Equipment & Piling Equipment is one of the leading
manufacturer and supplier in pile driving industries and construction machinery
industries during decade under trademark of BRUCE with worldwide qualified
reputation. Shinsegae Powerquip has been growing as a worldwide company
distributing it into USA, Hong Kong, South America, Russia, Norway,
Eastern Europe, Poland, Oceania, China, Southeast Asia and so on.

BRUCE's highly qualified hydraulic impact pile driving hammer,
onshore hydraulic pile driving hammer, offshore hydraulic pile driving hammer,
rotary drilling head, vibratory hammer and piling accessories deliver not only
qualified economical solution also various piling solution and modification to
suit job through most wide application experience in the world.

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