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BRUCE Vibro Hammer SGV-1000 in the marine bridge construction


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A marine Bridge construction story for Oil & Gas transportation has kicked off


The area where BRUCE SGV-1000 Vibro Hammer pulled in, follows the natural contours of the coastline and is facing
a gigantic island that seemed merely a no long way feeling like within a reachable distance.

The client is seeking for the very lucrative and successful project this year to transport Oil & Gas that they produce through a new marine bridges.


Vibro Hammer’s standard function test prior to upcoming Pile Drives  


The BRUCE Vibro Hammer SGV-1000 has conducted its Vibratory Hammer functional test oriented mainly for
Vibratory Hammer and Power Pack aimed at Clamping work and demonstrating its driving forces capability that
could be making for sure of penetration Into the soil and also included Pressure, Required Oil Flow
and Hydraulic plus Electrical sorts test that was tested.


BRUCE Vibratory Hammer
Bruce Pile Driving Project

Tube Piles mounted to support its structure as an anchor Piles


The Tube Piles with a diameter 1020 were moved and then one was mounted on a designated spot where the soils already had been excavated to be driven as an anchor Pile. The Piles for the first stage of Vibro Hammer operation are corn- shaped on the bottom with not a hollow type of Piles requiring a rigid foundation for the whole structure

BRUCE Vibro Hammer SGV-1000 that is an optimum compatible Pile Driving by Bruce vibratory hammer


BRUCE Vibro Hammer SGV-1000 was provided with a two different Clamps either of which were Sheet Pile and Tube Pile that  the most  commonly used in pile driving into the ground with a lot easy and convenient  way of altering  Clamps depending on pile sorts to make sure of gaining enough Clamping Power against piles for a lifetime driving and extraction.


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