Pile Driving Equipment

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Global Construction Equipment has 24 years experience in the manufacture of pile driving equipment to meet the needs of any job. Shinsegae Powerquip Co., Ltd. is the worlds leading supplier of pile drivers, vibro hammers and we know our products. We have engineers on staff, we can supply or modify existing equipment to meet the requirements of any job.

Pile Driving Equipment Line

Shinsegae Powerquip manufacturers a wide variety of products for any job, anywhere. Pile driving equipment such as Hydraulic Pile Hammer, Rotary Drilling Head, Vibratory Hammer, Excavator Mounted Piling Rig,Hydraulic Pile Hammer and pile hammer related products.

Hydraulic Pile hammer

The Proven pile driving equipment suitable for every construction site. POWERQUIP Pile driving equipment lead the industry in hydraulic pile hammer, impact hammers and more.
hydraulic pile hammerpile hammer

Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Bruce hydraulic impact hammers are a global leader in the field of foundation construction. The line of hammers are some of the most efficient, reliable, and versatile hammers on the market.
Hydraulic Impact Hammer for DrivingHydraulic Hammer

Vibratory Hammer

Advanced, Versatile strengthen driving and Extracting solution. Utilizing industry leading technologies, the Powerquip Vibratory hammers will make the most of available opportunities, at every construction site.
Vibratory hammerVibratory hammer photo

Excavator Mounted Piling Rig

Advanced, Versatile strengthen driving and Extracting solution.
Excavator Mounted Piling RigExcavator Mounted Piling Rig photo

Rotary Drilling Head

High Efficiency Hydraulic Rotary drilling Head - Newly adopted Casing Rotary Driving as well as small sized.
Rotary Drilling Headdrilling head

Piling Accessories

Various kind of piling accessories are available
Pile driving hammer accessories