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The major product range of BRUCE Piling Equipment is Pile Driving Equipment, Hydraulic Impact Hammer, Pile Hammer, Piling Hammers, Vibro Hammer, Vibratory Hammer and Rotary Head suitable for most pile driving project.



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The Pile Driving Equipment, Hydraulic Impact Hammer, Pile Hammer, Vibro Hammer, Vibratory Hammer for Excavator Crane suitable, BRUCE
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BRUCE Pile Driving Equipment is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pile driving equipment which is trusted by worldwide reputable construction and piling contractors across the globe.

For customers who require something unique, BRUCE offers a fully project-managed process of product development, producing hydraulic impact pile driving hammers, onshore hydraulic pile driving hammers, offshore hydraulic pile driving hammers, rotary drilling heads, vibratory hammers, and its related pile driving accessories.

Over the past two decades, BRUCE has been working with worldwide reputable contractors closely to become a worldwide provider, distributing products to the USA, Hong Kong, South America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Not only do these products help pile driving contractors to achieve excellent results for a low cost but they can also be modified to suit any requirements.

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