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BRUCE Vibro SGV-200 Working At River Bank Rehabilitation



The high efficient BRUCE vibro hammers SGV-200 generates perfectly targeted vibrations by transmitting the torque from motors to the eccentric shafts in the gear box, which is known as the most elaborately machining processed in the Vibro manufacturers, working optimally with vibrating equipment that is freely suspended under the 60 tons capacity of crane.

A compact design and bearing techniques making long bearing life that make the BRUCE Vibro Hammer SGV-200 an maintenance friendly Vibro which is reliable and stable.

The BRUCE Vibro SGV-200 with a 84 tons of centrifugal force and a 360 lpm of maximum oil flow has utilized for application on the river bank rehabilitation project involved linking long line of sheet piles along the water used for river wall or cofferdam to obtain a space restriction.

Because of many advantages of using steel sheet piles, the sheet pile sections are well proven in both permanent and temporary works like this time of job throughout the work, the work comprised of vibrating and extraction of the river wall and installing a new sequence of sheet piles.

The BRUCE SGV-200 Vibro’s ease of operation, low maintenance requirements and long service life makes it an economic and optimum dependable choice from the customers.

BRUCE Vibro SGV-200 better for your job

The requirements for the BRUCE Vibro SGV-200 was to drive 10~20m of steel sheet piles to make a sequence of sheet pile wall or cofferdam to obtain a space restriction alone the river.

The universal clamp, so called, sheet pile clamp with single jaws 100U Clamp (Clamping force 100 tons / 981 Kn) was used to grip a sheet piles and later on, the caisson clamp 80D will also be made for a casing pile work within next 4 weeks.

The BRUCE Vibro Hammer is well known its elaborated and fine machined components consisting of core parts inside the Gear Box such as eccentric weights, shafts and gears.

The finely processed core components in the gear box with precision cast high density components Provides the maximum possible pile amplitude from gripping point to the end of the pile.

And another high techniques known to the client about gear processing system is that an alloy steel and super tough gears provide an industry uncalculated more than 20 year useful life.

The SGV-200 matched the Centrifugal force and maximum required Amplitude optimally to the soil condition with a Volume Dial Button on Remote Control Pendant to adjust Engine rpm in the power pack PQ-350V that adds a monitoring warns of engine trouble, adjusting engine rpm and etc



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