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Highest Ram Stroke With 16ton Of 1.8m And 1.9m At Hong Kong


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Highest Ram stroke with 16ton of 1.8m and 1.9m at Hong Kong utilized in the building construction in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the worlds unique and special cities and is Asia’s and the world’s premier industrial, business, tourism and shopping centers.

Hong Kong is famous as a tourist destination, where visitors find hundreds of cultural attractions, restaurants and huge shopping centers.

Also, Hong Kong is a favorite industrial, economic and business center, with many large companies and enterprises and headquarters of many important international businesses

The most challenging project happened to BRUCE that was required by Hong Kong Housing Government to produce the highest ram stroke equipped hydraulic pile hammer which never released before everywhere in the building construction site.

Unlike the existing hydraulic pile hammer featured 1.2 ~1.5 m of length stroke,

 SGH-1618 & SGH-1619 is an innovative type of pile driving hammer insuring the hammer to be obtainable for more powerful energy generated by because of increased stroke length to 

1.8 ~1.9 m.

More than 1.000 pieces of H-shaped beams are going to be used to complete this project..

BRUCE SGH-1618 & SGH-1619 was lauded performing its outstanding driving work in some particular circumstances when driving for a 40 stories building which requires more powerful energy than a 20 stories building to driving.


Therefore, the more stroke length is higher, The more energy we can attain to meet the appropriate pile driving conditions.

BRUCE SGH-1618 & SGH-1619 made names and acknowledged for the job done well.

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