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BRUCE Piling Accessories are covering various needs of adaptation at piling jot site for BRUCE Hydraulic Piling Hammer, Vibratory Hammer and Rotary Head.


Long Pile Skirt

The Long Pile Skirt is used for pile insert for crane suspended free hanging and pile driving.


Pile Cap

Different sized pile cap is for suitable pile size insert for pile driving and is supplied for Fixed Leader Type and U Type Leads.


Lifting Sheave

The Lifting Sheave is for hammer lift and release from hammer mounting when pile driving so the crane is safe and not defected in the soft soil condition and safe from sudden pile driving penetration.



Cushions are used to protect both the hammer and the pile.
Cushions that protect the hammer are called hammer cushions or hammer cushions.
Cushions used to protect the pile are called pile cushions

Piling Accessories

These leads are attached to the crane at the top by the main cable.
They have a gate at the bottom which holds the leads around the pile and will sometimes have spikes on the bottom which are stuck into the ground or template to assist in aligning the hammer.

This type of lead has a pivot or sliding connection to the crane at either the top or bottom of the leads.
Normally the connection is at the top of the leads

Hammer cushions are constructed of man-made materials that are heat resistant, durable and absorb a certain amount of shock.
Common types of materials are aluminum, micarta and polymer which are in the form of disks


Pile cushions are placed between the pile top and the pile cap on concrete piles.
Pile cushions are not used on steel piles or timber piles.

This is the section of the pile driving system which rests between the hammer and the pile.
For concrete piles, it contains the striker plate or drive cap, a hammer cushion, and the pile cushion

Bruce provides also Followers which is :
An extension, usually steel, used between the top of the pile and the hammer to extend the driving range of the pile (usually below water)

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