Hydraulic Rotary Head Specification

Hydraulic Rotary
Drilling Head

BRUCE Hydraulic Rotary Head Photo & Movie - Visualizing Precision

The BRUCE Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Head & Augers are designed with a wide range torque, speed and accessories providing for practically CFA auger drilling of high speed, DTH (Down The Hole Hammer) of low speed and Casing drilling

The BRUCE Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Head & Augers Are Designed With A Wide Range Torque, Speed And Accessories Providing For Practically CFA Auger Drilling Of High Speed, DTH (Down The Hole Hammer) Of Low Speed And Casing Drilling

Maximize overall efficiency can be achieved by adapting the highly effective and big size of hydraulic motor. Saving the fuel consumption cost 10%~30%, compared to equivalent Electrical Auger.
Highly reliable gear and durable hydraulic motor

Optionally BRUCE Hydraulic Rotary Heads Are Also Available In An Automatic Torque Control System. Optionally An Appropriate Shock-Sub Is Recommended For DTH Hammer Application

Rotary Head