Vibratory Hammer Specification

Bruce Hydraulic
Vibratory Hammer

Vibro Hammer & Vibratory Hammer

The BRUCE Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer is a hydraulic operated vibratory hammer used for driving sheet pile & H-Beam pile driving, casing pile as well as extracting the piles. It is simple and reliable, yet versatile, design allows for highly efficient, easy operation. Based on extensive studies, the BRUCE Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer uses sound waves – or vibrations – to greatly reduce or even eliminate ground resistance, making our pile drivers some of the best in the industry

Vibro Hammer

Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer - BRUCE SGV-2000

BRUCE SGV-2000 Vibro Hammer (eccentric moment 220 kg.m)

Eccentric Moment Centrifugal Force Max. Frequency Amplitude incl. Universal Clamp Max. Line Pull for Extraction Max. Hydraulic Power Max. Operating Pressure Max.      Oil Flow
220 kg.m 461 tons 1,380 vmp 20 mm 180 tons 900 kW 320 bar 1,689 lpm
2,157 Nm 4,610 kN 1,380 vpm 0.79 inch 1,800 kN 1,207 HP 4,641 psi 446 gpm